University life. It's hard to believe that one thing can be the source of so many stressors, good times, and bad life decisions. Keeping up with homework, navigating the labyrinth of dating life, and just generally taking semi-reasonable care of yourself is no easy task for undergraduate students.

Are you a university student who struggles with depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem? Then there's good news: you're a normal human being who's responding in completely natural fashion to an extremely stressful set of circumstances. And even better news: counselling can help. To set up a session or a free phone consultation to see if counselling is right for you, call John at 226-791-5606 or email

Counselling is expensive, but students at both universities in Waterloo are covered to see John through their benefits. Laurier students are covered for $800 per year for counselling, while University of Waterloo students are covered for $400 per year for counselling with a doctor's note (which pretty much any doctor anywhere would be willing to give you).