Mental health exists on a continuum. At one end is what's known as mental illness, like depression, anxiety, or PTSD.  At the other end is mental wellness, which people don't talk about as much: joy, satisfaction, freedom. Most counselling focuses on just reducing symptoms and getting people to the point where they can cope.

Our approach is different.  

At Transformation Counselling, we believe that human beings are meant for more than just coping.  Wherever you are on the continuum of mental health, our counselling services can help you move closer to peak human functioning.

Until the 1800s, physical illness was diagnosed and treated according to surface symptoms, like fevers and boils. The treatment of symptoms rather than root causes failed to cure people, and most patients stayed sick or got worse. Eventually, scientists discovered that many diseases were caused by underlying issues that could not be seen by the naked eye, and doctors began to treat the root causes of illness rather than just their surface appearances. And people started to get better.

Mental health requires the same approach.

Psychological and even physical symptoms are not themselves the problem; rather, they are our body and mind's way of communicating with us about what the real problem is. Under even the most distressing symptoms - for example, stress, burnout, insomnia, numbness, anxiety, depression, rage, jealousy, or stomach pain - are psychological and existential issues that need attention. Simply focusing on reducing the symptoms is like treating an infection by cooling a fever or lancing a boil: it may bring temporary relief, but the illness remains - and eventually it will break out all the more severely. Treating the underlying issue, on the other hand, will lead to genuine healing and lasting relief.

At Transformation Counselling, we will work collaboratively with you to set your goals for therapy and move toward achieving them. By finding and addressing the underlying issues, we'll help you to live a more satisfying life of joy, authenticity, and freedom.

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