Eating Disorder Therapy in Kitchener-Waterloo

Eating disorders is a catch-all phrase for three main issues that centre around food. Anorexia is characterized by the limitation of caloric intake, often to dangerous levels. The weight loss and health complications associated with anorexia make it the most lethal mental illness that exists. Bulimia, by contrast, is marked by bingeing and purging. Bingeing means obsessing about food and compulsively eating without being able to stop. Purging means taking extreme measures to off-set the bingeing such as inducing vomiting, abstaining from subsequent meals, or exercising compulsively. Binge eating disorder is characterized by bingeing without purging.

How We Treat Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are almost always linked to some kind of unprocessed negative experience like bullying, loss, parental neglect or abuse, or to some shame we carry around with us from somewhere else. These issues are usually made much worse by bullshit media ideas about beauty. 

Counselling deals with these issues at the root, so change is guaranteed to be more than just skin deep. If you're interested in getting started, call us at 519-954-4900 or email to set up an appointment.