Spirituality is not primarily about values and ethics, not about exhortations to do right or live well. The spiritual traditions are primarily about reality. Spirituality is an effort to penetrate the illusions of the external world and to name its underlying truth.
— Parker Palmer

Spirituality is one of those words that's thrown around all the time by people who don't know what they're talking about. Ultimately, spirituality is about seeing reality as it is, and learning to relate to what we see with curiosity, courage, and love.

Currently our only therapist offering spirituality coaching, John's own spiritual journey has involved eleven years of meditation practice, living in Buddhist and Christian monasteries around the world, walking across Spain on a pilgrimage, intensive self-directed study and introspection, and the completion of a Master of Divinity degree at seminary. John respects the core wisdom of all religious traditions, but does not align himself with any particular tradition. As a Registered Social Worker, John's services are covered by most benefits.

When it comes to spirituality, John is highly qualified to help you

  • find meaning in your life

  • discover how to align your spirituality and sexuality

  • find satisfying answers to your questions about God, religion, and/or spirituality

  • develop or deepen your meditation practice

  • identify and live according to your most deeply held convictions

  • deepen your spirituality or faith

  • break away from life-denying religious beliefs

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