Family Therapy in Kitchener-Waterloo

Family counselling helps families of all sizes work through the issues that prevent them from interacting more lovingly, effectively, and harmoniously. 

Just like in individual counselling, family counselling begins with setting goals. In order to reach those goals, family counselling focuses on addressing any unhealthy or ineffective communication patterns, roles, expectations, and boundaries that operate within the family.

Since families share such long and sometimes complicated histories, it can take time before entrenched patterns begin to change. Eventually, though, people begin to build momentum, and at that point change can often happen in rapid and surprising ways.

Family counselling can work for couples, single parent families and their children, blended families, or traditional families. Occasional family therapy sessions can also be a helpful adjunct to individual therapy, especially individual therapy for young people who still live with their parents.

If you live in Waterloo, Kitchener, or Cambridge and think family counselling could help you and your family, call us at 519-954-4900 or email to set up an appointment.