Anger can be brutal. Otherwise gentle people can be hijacked by their anger, losing control of themselves and saying or doing destructive things. Anger can be corrosive to relationships, cause problems at work, and lead to feelings of shame. Many people who struggle with anger feel as if they’re watching themselves from outside, powerless to stop until the anger passes and they’re left asking themselves, “How could I say or do something like that?”

Anger in itself is not a bad thing; like all emotions, it sends us a message. The message that anger sends us is that one or more of our needs is not being met. The problem arises when our anger is disproportionate to the situation at hand and we overreact, hurting others and ourselves. Underneath extreme forms of anger is often profound sadness, loneliness, and hurt.

Counselling can help you to identify triggers, develop strategies to calm yourself, and communicate more effectively. A lot of counselling stops there, but at Transformation Counselling John will help you to find and address the underlying issues of your anger and heal it at the source.

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