Psychodynamic Therapy in Kitchener-Waterloo

Apart from having a cool name, psychodynamic therapy can be a very healing approach to counselling. There are a few basic ideas that form the foundation of this type of therapy:

  • human beings are profoundly shaped by their early experiences

  • attachment and relationships have a huge impact on how we view ourselves and the world

  • insight into how we've been shaped by our early attachments is a major vehicle of psychological change and growth

  • the counselling relationship itself, apart from the use of specific techniques, can be a vehicle of significant healing

These tenets of psychodynamic therapy are so fundamental to what happens in counselling that many people don't realize that it's actually a specific thing with a name. For any counselling to be effective, it needs to take these principles into account.

How Psychodynamic Therapy Works

Because of its emphasis on the here-and-now qualities of the therapeutic relationship and its de-emphasis of specific techniques, psychodynamic therapy is a great therapy for people who have been through a lot and who are just beginning their counselling journey. As counselling progresses and a solid foundation has been built in terms of establishing a trusting relationship and identifying the roots of the problem, it becomes possible to use the technique-rich approaches of other therapies, like ACT, CBT, EMDR, and IFS.

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