Many people today live fast-paced lives that make it hard for them to consistently make it to a therapist’s office. The good news is, technology has advanced to the point where high quality therapy can be accessed from anywhere, and a lot of research is showing that Skype counselling is just as effective as face-to-face therapy.

If you’re a co-op student at Laurier or Waterloo, or a professional who often travels for work, Skype counselling can help you take care of your mental health no matter where you travel. If you live in a remote location and you’ve struggled to find a good therapist, Skype counselling essentially connects you to great therapists around the world.

Based out of Waterloo, Ontario, John is well-acquainted with technology and its therapeutic uses. If you’re interested in Skype counselling, or if you have any questions, call or text John today at 226-791-5606, or email him at