Men's Therapy in Kitchener-Waterloo

Men's counselling or men's issues are catch-all phrases that basically mean "Stuff men don't really feel comfortable talking to a female therapist about." That isn't to say there aren't some excellent female therapists out there who are more than equipped to deal with such issues; it's just that some men aren't comfortable talking to women about porn or sex addiction, feelings of unmanliness, problems with sexual performance, dating problems, or beliefs around masculinity and sexuality.

The fact is, men in this society get very poor training in how to be men. There's so much silence, stigma, and shame wrapped around issues like approach anxiety, porn addiction, negative body image, and problems with sexual performance that people don't talk about them.

The only place there is conversation about these issues is in the media, and media standards of masculinity are total bullshit. Most movies and TV shows communicate ideas like: men shouldn't talk about or express emotions other than anger; in order to have successful and satisfying dating lives, men have to behave like douchebags; and the path to happiness is through success, conquest, and competition.

If you're a man who struggles with any of the issues listed above, our male therapists can help. They've spent years wrestling with how to develop their own healthy masculinity, studying how best to treat men's issues, and helping countless men overcome their problems and develop authentic confidence in themselves.

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