You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?
— Rumi

Coaching is about getting in touch with what you most deeply want out of relationships, work, and life - and making it happen. We tell ourselves all kinds of stories about how our dreams are unrealistic and how we should just settle. But the truth is, our dreams are the most real thing we have, like a compass that helps us navigate through all the bullshit to who we really are.

John was inspired to add coaching services to Transformation Counselling because he wanted to break away from the idea that counsellors are only supposed to treat the symptoms of mental illness. His approach to coaching is grounded in his own journey, as well as in his deep knowledge of psychology and spirituality. In his early 20s, he found himself stuck in a bunch of lifeless patterns: working a crappy job, repeating a boring routine, and hungry for a relationship but not knowing how to start one. Then he left it all behind and bought a one-way ticket to Europe, where he walked across Spain, slept on strangers' couches, and ended up living in a monastery. Eventually he returned to Canada to earn two Master's degrees in counselling and live his dream as a therapist.

The truth is, he's not that special: if he can break out of lifeless patterns and live the life he wants, so can you.

At the moment, John and Stephanie are our only therapists offering coaching services.

Here are some questions that get answered in coaching:

  • How can I improve my dating life?

  • What do I want to do for a living?

  • How do I improve my study skills, time management, and academic performance?

  • How can I advance in my career and become more productive?

  • How do I manage stress and find more balance in my life?

  • How do I cultivate deeper meaning, more joy, and a sense of wonder in my life?

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