Children's Therapy in Kitchener-Waterloo

At Transformation Counselling, our focus is a strength-based, knowledge rich perspective. We strive to offer you what over 20 years of combined experience in speciality clinics has taught us. Our creative strategies are based on the feedback provided by hundreds of parents just like you. Whether you seek counselling support for your child, practical parenting strategies, or just want a better bond with your son or daughter, the child and parenting therapist at Transformation Counselling will work with you.

Who: Children ages 5 to 18 years, or their parents

Struggling with: Anxiety, depression, social skills, identity, making friends, complex developmental trauma, Reactive Attachment Disorder, separation anxiety, recurring nightmares

How Children's Counselling Works

Goals of Treatment:
1. Help children to process and resolve experiences that have negatively affected their mental
2. Tailor treatment modalities to best support each child’s healing journey. Evidence-based treatment modalities, proven to work best with children are: play therapy, sandtray, visualization, narrative therapy, CBT, DBT, art & sound therapy, and body movement work such as Brain gym and yoga.
3. Help children and parents recognize the strengths that they possess. Connecting for counselling is your first strength! Recognizing and using your strengths is an essential ingredient in achieving treatment goals.
4. Identify problems and mental health challenges in order to develop a treatment plan and start making healthy changes—at Transformation Counselling, we take this step very seriously. Each child receives a comprehensive bio-pyschosocial assessment.
5. Identify relationship dynamics, which play a big role in the mental health of everyone. In children’s counselling, family participation is encouraged. Once important areas of work are identified, a client-centered treatment plan can be created with you and your child.
6. When desired, provide parent-only sessions to help build communication and prioritization skills to feel better prepared for important meetings with: divorced partners and family, school, medical practitioners, clubs and summer camps.

Parent Coaching

In addition to children's counselling services, parent-coaching is an invaluable service. It is difficult to find parent-coaching offered in individual sessions that meet your schedule, instead of large group formats offered once a year. At Transformation Counselling, our parent coach is comfortable and experienced in working with parents. Reasons parents book sessions for parent coaching range from refining what’s already working well, to assisting parents dealing with serious mental illness, whether it be their own or the diagnosis of their child. The following is a list of parent-coach topics:

  • Practical tips to continue building open communication with your child—to bank on for the teenage years
  • Finding the right balance in supporting your child and their anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, childhood separation anxiety, and/or bedtime separation anxiety
  • Staying on the same page as your partner in matters of diagnosis and discipline—don’t lose your couple as you struggle to parent your child
  • Creating an ‘us’ plan, as you move through the struggles of infertility or miscarriage
  • Understanding the lifelong attachment struggles of your foster/adopted child
  • Understanding and avoiding the impact of your own traumatic childhood, as you parent now
  • Setting limits with love for exceptional children, such as foster and adopted children, or children diagnosed with severe mental illness (such as Borderline Personality Disorder)