Gender Dysphoria Therapy in Kitchener-Waterloo

A person’s gender is a fundamental part of who they are. Here at Transformation Counselling,
we walk alongside gender diverse clients in their journey towards their authentic selves. We understand that a person’s gender identity and expression is so personal and so unique. It can be confusing and at times painful to live in a world that tells you how you should look, act, and even feel.

How We Can Help

Our gender counselling will assist you in dealing with the psychological and emotional impact of living in an often cissexist, Trans uninformed and transphobic environment. We believe that a person’s gender is not a mental health issue to be treated but a form of diversity to be embraced. At Transformation Counselling, we create an inclusive, supportive space to work with you in better understanding your gender identity. We can help you to communicate your gender identity related needs to the important people in your life, reduce gender dysphoria and navigate the transition process.

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Services Offered

- Individual, Couples and Family Gender Counselling
- Support for parents of questioning, Gender Independent or Trans Children and Youth
- Support with navigating social, medical and legal transition

Transition-Related Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Families in Transition Guide