Body Image Therapy in Kitchener-Waterloo

Body image issues are brutal. They can weigh on every moment and suck the joy out of life. Going to the beach, dating, and even everyday tasks like leaving the house can become painful ordeals when you're constantly worried about how you look or what other people are thinking.

Most of the time, we believe we can solve our body image issues by changing our appearance: "If only I were thinner/more muscular," we think to ourselves, "then I would be fine." The bad news is, making external changes will never solve the problem. The good news is, making internal changes through counselling and therapy will. 

How We Treat Body Image Issues

Body image issues are almost always linked to some kind of unprocessed negative experience like bullying, loss, parental neglect or abuse, or some shame we carry around with us from somewhere else. These issues are usually made much worse by bullshit media ideas about beauty. 

Counselling deals with these issues at the root, so change is guaranteed to be more than just skin deep. If you're interested in getting started, call us at 519-954-4900 or email to set up an appointment.