Dajana Beckman , Director of Operations

Dajana Beckman, Director of Operations

Dajana (pronounced like Diana) has over 10 years of experience managing multiple locations of fast-paced professional offices. Tireless, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable, Transformation Counselling would pretty much fall apart without her.

Dajana has a naturally positive attitude and warm demeanour. Her approachability has helped clients feel comfortable coming to her with any questions or concerns.

Dajana is passionate about working with people and ensuring clients have an awesome experience at Transformation Counselling. She transforms feedback into positive changes for the practice and looks forward to hearing from clients.

When she’s not crushing it in business development and administration, Dajana’s usually travelling, meditating, working out, dancing, or going on adventures with her husband and son. She also loves food and - much to John's chagrin - country music.